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Movie Peg

Movie Peg
MoviePeg is a super simple stand for Smartphone and Tablet

After the success of the first generation MoviePeg for iPhone and iPad, Beep Industries thought it good to broaden the joy of these deceptively simple stands to other smartphone users. They came to Meso with the brief of evolving the design to fit a broader range of devices after coming up with the idea of an the idea of expandable MoviePeg.Meso went on to create a unique adjustable design for MoviePeg and it now expands to fit almost any smartphone including iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and many more. Its big brother now fits most tablets, including the iPad. 

Meso's challenge was to preserve Movie Peg's greatest asset - its simplicity. By working closely with injection moulding suppliers we managed to cleverly conceal the expanding mechansim by using serveral overmoulding stages.    

For more information on the product, visit the BEEP website.

Beep Industries

Create an adjustable version of the iPhone and iPad Movie Peg that would fit other smartphones an tablets.

Still super simple, the new Movie Peg has a concealed expandable sprung mechanism that allows it to securely grip and support most smartphones and tablets. Meso were responsible for the design, engineering and manufacture management of the new models.

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