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Every year thousands of skis and snowboards are either stolen or taken through mistaken identity. Ram-Lok came to Meso to design a new generation of equipment racks that create revenue from resorts.

After thorough research into the market and traditional token based systems it became apparent that there was a gap for a more integrated system that would allow resorts to optimise the revenue generated from racks while giving guests peace of mind.

Users purchase RFID cards from hub points throughout the resort that allow them to use and lock equipment in any Ram-Lok rack. The cards are simply swiped over the device to lock and unlock. The usage data for all racks is sent to a central hub where the resort can optimise their positions and volumes.

For more information visit the Ram-Lok site. 


To develop a smart locking system for skis and snowboards.

Ram-Lok is the only RFID controlled smart locking system for skis and snowboards. Meso developed the patented technology that allows resorts to analyse customer flow using ski racks. The system is currently on trial with several resorts.

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