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Maxxium Luxx

Maxxium Luxx
The drinks industry is a highly competitive market, so it is of utmost importance that a brand stands out from the rest.

Maxxium came to Meso with the challenge of creating a backlit pad which would emphasise their range of bottles behind a bar.

In order to light the bottles with the maximum possible effectiveness, liquid in the bottles has an even glow from below, the bottles' form is emphasised with light from behind, and to enhance readability of the labels, illuminated from the front. This was accomplished using edge-lit LED technology angled in three directions. Using LEDs and cutting-edge diffuser technology also ensured the bottles weren't heated by the light, and three different lengths were manufactured to ensure suitability for different bars and varying numbers of bottles.

Meso's work on this product allows Maxxium products to be highlighted to customers with maximum effect.

Maxxium UK

To explore ways of increasing back bar visibility of Maxxium drinks brands using lighting.

Luxx are the only modular, wafer thin, cold light units specifically designed for back bar use. Meso designed, engineered and organised manufacture of Luxx with Maxxium seeing a 10%-15% uplift in sales in bars where they are in use.

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