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Elk Climate Controlled Goggles

Elk Climate Controlled Goggles
Elk challenged Meso to develop goggles that would never fog, no matter how harsh the conditions.

The outcome is the world's most advanced, climate controlled goggles. They use integrated temperature and humidity sensors to detect when fogging will occur and automatically control the ventilation and ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) heated lens system to prevent impaired vision.  

One of the major challenges was integrating this cutting edge technology into a desirable goggle that people would actually want to wear. Our team worked tirelessly to seamlessly weave the technology into an elegant, timeless and comfortable frame design.  

Elk are currently in discussions with major industry players to license the technology for use in their own range.  


Design goggles that would deliver uncompromised visibility even in the harshest environments.

The world's most advanced climate controlled goggles. Meso rigorously tested multiple technologies to deliver the best optical performance. Elk are currently in talks to license the technology to several large industry players.

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