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Smart Valve

Smart Valve

Smart Tech develops innovative, non-powered moisture sensor technology for the horticultural industry and they challenged Meso to 'productise' a new self watering system.

Our solution had to build brand value from their premium engineering solution while being simpler, less expensive to manufacture and more intuitive to use. 

We designed a valve for use in domestic and commercial growing environments as well as a complete pot and reservoir system.

The system has won several awards including a SMART award from the Scottish government.

We are now working with Smart Tech on expanding the range. 

Smart Tech

To commercialise Smart Tech's innovative non-powered, chemistry based water regulating valve for use in horticulture.

An award winning valve system that allows plants to automatically regulate their own water intake. Meso developed the product identity and was responsible for its design and mechanical engineering.

Meso Ltd is a company registered in Scotland: SC340701
Meso Ltd, Unit 33, River Drive,
Inchinnan Business Park, PA4 9RT