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Weight Angel

Weight Angel

Weight Angel challenged Meso to revolutionise the industrial weight management technology used to tackle overloading in the global haulage industry.

Overloading is a significant health and safety issue and can result in heavy fines for commercial fleet owners including all the major supermarkets.

Established industrial load indicator systems are expensive to buy, install and maintain so our first task was to reduce manufacturing and servicing costs however user research showed the incumbent mechanical equipment was widely outdated and worthy of a complete rethink. The brief now included user experience design, ease of installation, data flexibility and service interval reduction.

We designed, built and extensively tested a new technology including software development, electronics and industrial design for manufacture in the form of a 'Smart Floor'  system. Embedded with a matrix of force sensors that accurately calculates the weight and distribution of the load, the Smart Floor wirelessly informs the driver via a handheld device. With no moving parts to wear out, the Smart Floor solution is considerably more robust.

We managed a rigorous product testing programme at the Milton Keynes alongside a leading supermarket chain.

It was an extremely challenging project, pushing the boundaries of current technology while retaining commercial viability resulting in a more flexible, less expensive, integrated product. The interest in the new system has been remarkable.

Weight Angel

To rethink ways to prevent overloading in commercial vehicles.

The world's first 'smart floor' for commercial vehicles that gives wireless, real time feedback to the driver of load magnitude and distribution. Meso worked with a leading sensor manufacturer to develop a new application for their technology.

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