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POPA adds a big red camera button to your iPhone.

Beep Industries (the renowned digital artist/designer Brendan Dawes), asked Meso to realise this Smartphone camera accessory concept specifically for the iPhone 4.

Smartphones are multi function tools that are understandably less user friendly than dedicated devices, especially hand held cameras developed over 60 years. The Popa reintroduces those advanced ergonomics to give a simple, premium user experience.

The challege was to  make Popa seem like a natural extention of the iPhone - not a clunky add-on. We engineered every last detail to make Popa a joy to use from the auto pop up of the shutter button when you plug it in to the leather texture of the grip.   

Check out Popa's Kickstarter page (formerly Red Pop) for more information. 

Beep Industries

Design, engineer and manage manufacture of Popa - the big juicy red button for your iPhone.

Popa successfully funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours going on to raise almost $50,000. Meso designed and delivered the first product batch in under 6 months.

Meso Ltd is a company registered in Scotland: SC340701
Meso Ltd, Unit 33, River Drive,
Inchinnan Business Park, PA4 9RT