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Red_dot_awardAngling is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world, supplied by rod and reel brands such as Daiwa and Hardy & Grey's, established in 1872. It's not an industry given to rushing New Product Development but there are still challenges to be solved.
Tying knots well for instance requires knowledge, practice and dexterity. Simply because of the small size, hooks and lines are awkward to tie at the best of times, but add windy, cold or wet conditions and the task becomes even trickier. Fishing is a sport enjoyed by all ages but there is a significant propensity for older enthusiasts so poor eyesight and impaired dexterity are common issues. We addressed all these when designing the Minke, a unique tool for tying fishing knots simply and easily. 
Wearing the Minke on your finger, a hook is slotted into the front of the tool - a self-centring rubber mechanism holds the eye of the hook in place. The fishing line is then pushed down a channel in the top which guides the line through the eye of the hook. With practice this can be done with your eyes closed!
A clinch knot (the most common and trusted knot for coarse and fly fishing) is formed by wrapping the protruding line around rings on the body of the Minke and feeding the line back again down the channel. Simply pulling the hook out of the device tightens the knot around the hook.
The Minke won Meso our first international Red Dot award and early product tests with coarse fishermen generated hugely enthusiastic reactions but refinements are of course in progress. After all, we wouldn't want to rush it, now would we!

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