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Take a look at what the Meso team have been up to recently...

New Team Member E-mail

Product development company Meso are pleased to announce a new arrival to our family.

Scott Salter hails from Edinburgh and will be assisting with all areas of product design and engineering.

Check out Scott on his Meso Twitter

New Website Launched E-mail

Product designers Meso are proud to unveil a refreshed look for our home on the internet. Several months in development to ensure the best user experience, the website highlights all areas of our business.

Meso's New Website

Courvoisier 2011 E-mail

Following on from our highly successful partnership with Courvoisier in 2010, branding and product development company Meso are happy to announce that Courvoisier are rerunning their Summer of Punch campaign.

Special value-added packs will available in all good supermarkets, so make sure you keep an eye out if you see one. Feel free to send us a photo if you do!

Product Design Consultants E-mail

For the best results in new product designs it’s best to outsource the work to product design consultant firms. This will allow you to focus on other areas of the product such as the business aspect and ultimately the projected revenue potential. I will cover some general business practices that should be followed when deciding on consultants throughout this article. Not all cases are the same but I’m sure you will find the information presented valuable nevertheless.


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